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What? You say I look familiar? Ah, I'm afraid you must be mistaken- we've never met, I fear!

...a wanted man that didn't even need to change region to avoid being arrested... Psh. Incredibile. Those idiots thought they'd actually catch me...

But now... there are new things to take care of.
Team Rocket will take back what's theirs once again...
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*A Swellow swoops above, pecking hard at Giovanni's head as it passes by* SCREEE! SCREEE! ಠvಠ

The movement that follows the sudden arrival of the bird has been repeated endless times before.
                    The man’s hand reaches for the black and yellow spheres
                    automatically- and it takes only another second for the black
                    flying type to appear.


                                         —get rid of it.”

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vegetarian: eats the fruits off tropius’ neck.

vegan: eats the same grass as tropius.

Giovanni: cooks tropius.

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{ *dies* bc restaurant owner omg}

(( former restaurant owner, i fear… pffffft- ))

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/quietly agrees because who the heck would pass up a juicy steak or something— uvu

(( I mean we have animals as pets but we also eat them, so I mean… ))

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"Mr. Aurelio," Rae started. Whether or not he still used his cover name was irrelevant; she would have used it either way. "There’s one thing wrong with your statement. I wasn’t asking myself. I was asking you what makes you think I’m trustworthy.” What if the police were originally right, and she was the one who blew up her own apartment? What if she was in league with the anarchists? Rae honestly expected Giovanni to be a bit more paranoid.

"But. You answered that, too."

Rae’s frown grew to the size of the Kalos region. Her connection with Lina was dubious at best. Nonexistent at worst. The next question should have been how did he expect her to help?

Her hand lowered from the brim of her hat.

"Follow me." She did what she never planned to do today; she turned her back toward Giovanni. She kept her back turned as she led the man into the remains of an abandoned building just outside of Saffron. Only a single wall still stood, stray planks leaning out of it now and again. If there was a roof, then that roof was quickly transformed into a floor along with the rest of the house.

All of this was sensitive. Something the crowd of people didn’t need to know about.

What came next was a simple text message.

[s] Lina. Giovanni wants to speak with you.

Before, when Rae initiated communications with Lina, the latter never answered unless it interested her. Giovanni was interesting enough.

Lina’s reply came quickly.

[r] When I call you, put me on speaker. Okay? I have LOTS to say to Mr. Ding-Dong-Ditch.

"…Mister Ding Dong Ditch," Rae repeated. What did Giovanni do? Legends… If he wanted to be mixed up in this mess… Whatever. He could be mixed up in it. Hell. He could have been able to stop the new team.

The PokéGear rang. Rae put the call on speaker.

"Hello, hello, Mr. Big Bad Wolf!" Lina’s voice chimed through the speaker. "And Rae Rae. Hihi Rae Rae. Would you believe me if I said I was actually sorry? Probably not, huh. Aaaaanyway.

So, Mr. Giovanni! Now you feel like talking to us? I don’t know, it seems a bit too little too late there. We were going to make sure you had a stable position during all of this, but noooooooooo, you had to go run away again! We even went through all the trouble of getting everyone in the same place, you know. We were going to bare it all— Not. Literally.

told the Founder it was a bad idea, you know. I told her you weren’t smart enough to take the deal. And what do you know! I was right about that! I’m good at gauging men, Mr. Big Bad Wolf.”

He followed her like a shadow.
He followed her quietly, hand occasionally hovering over the pokeballs around his waist- he could never be sure of what could happen, after all. 

And when she pulled out the pokegear, the reality of not being sure of what could happen hit him straight in the gut once again.
And after that, the chirpy voice of Lina Hardy rang through the air, and the man immediatly felt that damn weight on his chest and for a second there he visibly tensed and this wasn’t the time for FEELING UNABLE TO DEAL WITH THINGS and so his hands searched desperately for something to distract himself and fiddle with—

       -and the choice fell straight on the ring around his pinky.
Golden circle that looked an awful lot like the one on his ring finger (but was far too small to actually be his), and that quickly became the victim of the man’s uneasiness.

He just had to be constantly reminded that he had control only over himself, didn’t he?

But the girl talked long enough for him to process what was going on, and when it was his turn, his voice by no means matched his emotional state.

       ”Miss Hardy.”

The voice belonged to the untouchable Rocket Boss, not to the man standing there.
Because, let’s face it-
Giovanni was a ticking bomb about to implode.

       ”I must apologize for what happened, first of all.”
For a split second, his eyes left the pokegear and glaced at his hands.
       ”Personal matters arose, and I had to dissapear for a while. I can’t and do not expect you to understand or anything of the sort- that’d be quite pointless, by now. I’d be asking to be forgiven for something that doesn’t really matter anymore-“

       ”You went along wonderfully even without my help, no?
That’s all the proof we need to see that my help wasn’t truly necessary. Seems to me that your plans proceed smoothly, honestly-

        -if the mess you’re causing is anything to go by.”

The more he spoke, the better he felt.

He wasn’t smart enough?
       Poor poor idiots.
They themselves were proof that human nature was never meant to change, and he was the foolish one?

       ”What were you planning on doing again? Systematic destruction of everything people adore, you said? I… will confess that I had my doubts. You brought upon yourselves an enormous task…”

He felt better by the second.
He knew they could be stopped.

Or, at least, that they would ultimately fail.

       ”But… I have to admit that I was wrong, and… now I’m very intrigued by all that’s been happening.

       What do you plan to do now? The world you slowly falling into your hands, isn’t it?

       …what do you have in store for us?”

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You’re gone, gone, gone away, I watched you disappear. All that’s left is the ghost of you.

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//puts on hardenshipping socks

"It’s that time of the year again."

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Rae’s right hand gripped the brim of her hat tighter once his left began to move. If he made a move, she decided she’d draw and take her chances with being seen pointing a gun at someone. She always pointed it, never shot to kill

No, that’s what the wolfsbane was for. Before she threw it out, of course. The fear of death always served better than actually dying.

Did Giovanni fear death? If he made a move, she’d certainly find out the answer to that.

He’d ‘been meaning to talk to her’. Her grip tightened on the brim of her hat even more. He wanted to have a chat about ‘the anarchists’. He wanted her help. This was priceless. If she weren’t being cautious about his very presence, she might have laughed.

"Say I believe that you need my help. And. Say you aren’t just trying to settle some dumbass score. What makes you think I’ll want to help you?”

He had a feeling such questions would come up, and honestly, he was surprised a smart girl such as her would even ask something like that.
     He knew it was simply because she wished to antagonize him.

"Does it look like it’s the right time for this? The right time to ask yourself if you ‘want’ to help me?"
His voice is low, but it’s an effort to keep it so level. 
How he hated when people questioned his decisions.

    “Does it look like you have a choice, miss Hardy? Does it?”

His free hand left the confort of his trouser’s pockets to gesture to everything around them. ”Does it look like anyone here has a choice? Do you think a single person here would dare say no if I offered to help in any way I can?”

    Society as they knew it was ending, after all.

"You will help me.”

"You will help me, because it’s the only thing that can be done."

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arms dealing

Now, this was a tricky one.
    Could pokemon be considered weapons?
Because let’s be honest, a gun was good as long as the person if front of you didn’t have a nidoking or anything of the sort on hand.

But in any case-


     ”Weapons destroy the purpose of pokemon training.”

-the answer was yes.

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    “Oh? I thought loitering alone was considered a crime only in Unova.”

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